Client Testimonials
What Our Clients are Saying

At PIA Consulting, our overriding goal is for each of our clients to be totally
satisfied with our services and the value that it adds to their business
operations.  We solicit comments from our clients and use this feedback
as part of our quality control program.

Here is a sampling of what our clients are saying...

    Great introductory course to ACL!  The building of one concept on
    to the next and the exercises that reinforced and tied together the
    materials covered was quite good.
    - Introduction to ACL class participant

    I was totally new to ACL, so everything was pretty useful.  It’s a
    pretty empowering idea that the data are out there and that one can
    master and mine the data if one knows how to unlock the door by
    learning how to use the software.
    - Introduction to ACL class participant

    This is the best class I have ever taken!
    - Introduction to ACL class participant

    This trainer is exceptionally talented as a teacher.  [He] uses
    various methods for engaging, and thinking for oneself.
    - Introduction to ACL class participant

    The instructor was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful.  
    Everything was great!
    - Introduction to ACL class participant

    [The instructor] did a great job and he is very knowledgeable about
    - Intermediate ACL class participant

    The most useful CPE I’ve gotten in a very long time!
    - Intermediate ACL class participant

    The course was excellent and will be a great benefit to me.  The
    instructor was very good at monitoring the class to determine at
    what level individuals were on different subjects.  He was able to
    give those who needed more additional knowledge while not
    frustrating those who were at the next level.  [He] was very
    perceptive and innovative in keeping everyone interested and
    - Intermediate ACL class participant

    [PIA’s senior instructors’ name] always brings an enthusiastic
    attitude to his classes, and makes the attendees want to learn
    more about the subject.  Lots of good information in the [course]
    manual and handouts for future reference.
    - Advanced ACL class participant

    [PIA’s senior instructors’] name is usually the first thing I scan for
    when reviewing the training list each month.  Next, I look at the
    class title to see if I’ve already taken his class.  If not, I register for it
    immediately.  All other instructors are secondary.
    - Advanced ACL class participant

    [The instructor] provided clear step-by-step instructions about how
    to conduct application control audits.  The color-coded emphasis
    placed on the various components of the information presented via
    the PowerPoint slides was an innovative teaching method.  It was
    quite helpful to obtain the various reference information and
    - FAC class participant