Course Description

Course Level:  Intermediate

CPE Credits:  16 (2.0 days)

Course Description:

This is the class for you if you want to learn all you can about creating and running ACL scripts!  This 2.0-day
interactive “hands-on” course will present basic, intermediate, and advanced ACL script development and
usage techniques.  The course will also cover 25 of the more commonly used ACL functions.

ACL functions allow the user to perform a wide-range of data analysis operations.  This includes procedures
for isolating, investigating, and normalizing data in order to add power and detail to your analysis.  ACL
scripts allow the user to automate virtually any ACL task.  ACL scripts are critical to the development and
operation of any ACL-based continuous monitoring and/or continuous audit systems.  ACL scripts can also
be used to setup and preserve best practices.  

This class will also cover ACL Standard Applications.  Standard Applications allow the user to embed ACL
scripts directly into the ACL main menu system making script execution easier and more efficient.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, each participant will be able to:
  • Create ACL expressions incorporating 25 of the more commonly used functions in ACL.
  • Deploy these functions as part of an ACL filter.
  • Deploy these functions as part of an ACL command "if" statement.
  • Deploy these functions as part of setting default and other values for computed fields.
  • Deploy these functions within ACL scripts.
  • Design, develop, debug, and utilize static ACL scripts.
  • Design, develop, debug, and utilize interactive ACL scripts.
  • Design, develop, debug, and utilize complex, multi-step ACL scripts.
  • Create the necessary scheduler code in order to auto-launch ACL, ACL projects, and specific ACL
    scripts within a project.
  • Create, test and use ACL Standard Applications.

Course Balance:

  • Lecture / discussion:  50%
  • In-class applications:  20%
  • Section exercises:      30%


Participants should have successfully completed the "Introduction to ACL" training course or have equivalent
work experience.

Who Should Attend:

IS/IT Auditors, Financial and Operational Auditors, Internal/External  Auditors, Analysts, Accounting
Professionals, Investigators, or anyone interested in learning to use ACL functions and scripts.

Other Information:

PIA Consulting will provide comprehensive course manuals containing presentation material, command,
function and other ACL reference material, and class exercise sections.

Course Outline:
PIA Consulting is registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy as a CPE sponsor. This registration does
not constitute an endorsement by the board as to the quality of our CPE program. State boards of accountancy have final
authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit.
Day 1
Day 2
A.  ACL Review
  • ACL commands.
  • ACL expression builder.
  • The ACL log file.
  • Other material as necessary.

B.   ACL Functions
  • Bit and character functions.
  • Conversion functions.
  • Date and time functions.
  • Financial functions.
  • Logical functions.
  • Mathematical functions.
  • String functions.
  • Miscellaneous functions.

C.   Various Function-related Exercises.
D.   ACL Scripts
  • Scripts defined.
  • Creating and using static scripts.
  • Creating & using interactive scripts.
  • Create and test scripts to operate for  continuous
    monitoring purposes.
  • Various script exercises.

E.   Building Standard Applications.
  • ACL standard application defined.
  • Creating ACL applications.
  • Using ACL applications.
  • Standard application exercise.

F.   Comprehensive Class Exercise

G.   Course Wrap-up & Discussion
This course is offered as an open-enrollment class and as an on-site class.  For more information or to
register for this course, please
email us at or phone us at (512) 343-2866.
ACL Scripts and Functions